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Honoring Our Past

As much as we here at Grand Teton Film Festival are committed to modern filmmaking processes, we also greatly respect and admire those film industry pioneers who had the grand vision to develop a new, exciting entertainment medium for the world to experience.

These incredible legends helped shape humanity and provided an escape into fantastical new worlds filled with heroes, villains, laughs, tears, the wild west, trips to the moon, sword fights, run away trains, and so much more.

Through our monthly Legacy Silent Film Series, this family-friendly event exhibits vintage films the way they were supposed to be seen -in an historic venue accompanied by a live theater organist!



March 11, 2022  7:00PM  Romance Theater

Harold Lloyd Safety Last

Safety Last! is a 1923 American silent romantic comedy film starring Harold Lloyd. It includes one of the most famous images from the silent film era: Lloyd clutching the hands of a large clock as he dangles from the outside of a skyscraper above moving traffic. The film was highly successful and critically hailed, and it cemented Lloyd's status as a major figure in early motion pictures. It is still popular at revivals, and it is viewed today as one of the great film comedies.




Some exhibited films may contain smoking, drinking, peril, mild profanity, and crude humor.

Some films may exhibit negative, stereotypical depictions and/or mistreatment of certain people or cultures. Though socially acceptable in the past, these negative depictions are considered inappropriate and offensive today. We gratefully acknowledge the many men, women, and children of these cultures who helped shape the early film industry and who also taught us through silent principle to respect diversity and inclusion in our day. Rather than deny these early silent films the legacy they deserve, we exhibit them in the spirit of unity with the expectation that they create a dialogue of friendship and awareness within our community.

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Harold Lloyd

Charlie Chaplin

Buster Keaton





Lon Cheney

Movie Title

Safety Last! (1923)

The Kid (1921)

The General (1926)





Phantom of the Opera (1925)

Show times, dates, and titles may change with or without prior notice.
Please follow us on social media to be aware of any changes to the events.

The Organist

Theater Organ Performed Live By

The Mighty Wurlitzer

James Clark is a graduate of Utah State University with a degree in Piano Performance and Communications. As a child, he learned about Wurlitzer Theater Organs from his dad and has been rebuilding and installing a handful of organs since 1980. James is an avid enthusiast of America’s silent movie era and the development of pipe organs used to accompany silent films before the advent of sound. He and his wife Paula, raised their three daughters in Salem, ID where they have lived for 20 years.

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