Eryx and the Void

A futuristic assassin is hunting a team of agents who unknowingly hold something special in their possession.

Written and Directed by: Kody Newton

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Ten Steps

In the fall of 1920, Laura Caldwell was tragically killed in a magic act gone wrong. 100 years later her spirit returns to visit the theater.

In a night of terror, vengeance, and lost love, Jose, the custodian, will face his darkest fears.

Written and Directed by: Ra Tascon

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A Life For A Life

When a man is given the opportunity to trade lives, the promise of escaping his own, places him at the center of a deadly gang initiation.

Written and Directed by: Tyson Brooks and Jordan Anderton



An unknown creature lures a friend group back into a haunted maze by mimicking the voices of people it's already captured.

Written and Directed by: Tyson Brooks and Jordan Anderton

Mojo Quest

Before his mission, Joseph could take any girl he wanted out on a date. After returning home, he learns that he’s lost his “mojo” and struggles to even say “Hello” to a girl. Knowing this, Kaden, his childhood rival, makes a bet with Joseph that he won’t be able to ask the popular girl, Sarah, out on a date. Having no other options, Joseph and his friendly roommate Terry go on a humorous quest to return Joseph’s mojo before he loses it forever.

Written and Directed by: KC Tillet


A bacholerette-esque episode of a show called "BYU-I Do" where four contestants do what deems necessary to win the girl of their dreams, Emma Bingler.

Written and Directed by: Bryson Bigler


The Closet

A family moves to a new home. Gabriel, the son, explores the new house and finds a basement full of unexpected surprises.

Written and Directed by: Fled Silveira



River is struggling to get their life together, boxes fill their home, and the only person they can let in is their significant other. They can't help but see nothing but chaos in the world, and they refuse to open the door to anybody else.

Directed by: Phillip Stucker

Written by: Phillip Stucker and Wendy A White

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Finding Mr. Right

Two girls are determined to set each other up with the perfect date and go to great lengths to make sure he's for real, but then they discover something they never would have imagined.

Written and Directed by: Elizabeth Findley


No Daddy Daughter Dance

A daughter tries to get in her father's good graces after she is grounded from daddy daughter dance.

Written and Directed by: Kody Newton and Jared Stull

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