Short Films

Poster Game_Poster

A new kid shows up at the high school boys' basketball tryouts and instantly makes an impression. Will talent and drive be enough to make the team once they discover a secret?

Directed by Jeannie Donohoe

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A squad of storm troopers are transporting a POW with valuable information from Yavin 4, but getting off planet will test their mettle.

Directed by Marco Bossow

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Detective Newton has to protect his friend Trey from a lethal assassin he just fell in love with.

Directed by Kody Newton

Dream Girl Poster

After 8 years of relationship coaching from a dream girl named Meg, Stephen finally gets a date with his crush Meghan. As Stephen’s plans for a relationship turn upside down, Meg reveals feelings for her former student. What follows is a journey full of hilarity, hallucination, and humanity.

Directed by Derek Roper

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Two cash-strapped cowhands resort to stealing their employer's cattle, dragging an immigrant worker in on the heist. But they're about to get caught in the act, and the angry rancher is hellbent on giving them a taste of old-school justice in this contemporary tale of the American West.

Directed by Rob York

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Lieutenant Paul Jacobs is drugged and tortured behind the Korean lines. His only friend is Warren Grant, an airman, who fights for Paul and is taken away. When Paul is finally rescued he returns to a home he's not quite sure of. Just before dinner with his family he recieves a triggering postcard, and later that evening, he attacks his own wife. He finds himself restrained again, this time by his own people. Warren once again returns to break him out. Just before he leaves, the voice of his wife stops him in his tracks.

Directed by Porter Justus

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Mehrbanoo tries everything to make her husband’s life, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s, worth living. Rental issues and the absence of their children and grandchildren take their toll in this sensitive portrayal.

Directed by Fatemeh Mohammadi

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In this mock-documentary style short film, a young man with magical powers describes his journey away from the bottle.

Directed by Brandon Griffin

Extraction Poster-01

23 year-old Caleb is living on his own and working a dead-end office job. He hopes to win over the affections of his fellow coworker, Ava, but every time he plucks up the confidence he needs, he misses his opportunity. After returning home from work one day, upset, desperate, and wondering if what he is feeling for this girl is even worth it, he wrestles with the decision to sell his own emotions on the black market in exchange for a little Confidence.

Directed by Lizzie Johnson

Vindication Poster-01

A young man finds a legacy within the walls of death row.

Directed by Dallin Wells

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After loosing his wife, a man and his sister travel to find a rumored safe haven in a post apocalypse America. Angry at God the man is loosing faith, but he finds a reason to keep going when he rescues a small child and takes her on the journey.

Directed by Brian Morgan

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High-school senior Dylan meets the love of his life who helps him deal with the recent passing of his mother. Their love becomes more complicated when his older sister realizes something’s wrong. Tears are shed and pain is felt as they both fight to save what they love, only to be confronted by the question: "Is life more important than love?"

Directed by Gabe Alexander

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Fishnet and the Fish

Its about all little fishes in the world.

Directed by Ali Nikfar


The Evaluation

Lloyd is given an opportunity of a lifetime at a mysterious position at his company. Overcome by curiosity, he enters the game. He now only has to do one last thing. Pass the evaluation.

Directed by Tanner Browning

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Mike gets more than he bargained for when a girl he recently took out on a mediocre date, asks him for a second date.

Directed by Ricky Ricks


A detective aggressively interviews a suspect for the name of his alleged murder victim.

Directed by Porter Justus

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Dani’s anxiety is building and she’s about to break in a scary way. The pressure of work becomes too much when she realizes she can't hide from it any more.

Directed by Corey Allen


With no car, no money, and no other way to make it to his father's death bed, Jack attempts to run from New York to Idaho.

Directed by Ricky Ricks

Capture 2

Escape From Bara Magna

Injured, dehydrated, and caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, a lone smuggler must use his ingenuity to find a way off the barren wasteland Bara Magna.

Directed by Jesse Garrard


A young man must get rid of a body that he discovers on his couch the morning after a party.

Directed by Joe Lawless


Waiting on You

After being stood up for a date and receiving free food from his waitress, a young man comes up with a scam to receive free food. This works great until an unbeknownst keen observer catches onto his scam and shows up for a date.

Directed by Ricky Ricks and Seth Luke