The Watch Poster

The Watch

A gifted pianist with a fear of performing must recall a crucial childhood memory with his father and a watch to prepare for a daunting piano recital audition.

Written and Directed by: Tyson Hunsaker

Starring: Cameron Kimball

Intense Poster


Nader's house is to be demolished soon and his daughter Zahra, who has down-syndrome, is sick.  Nader calls Najmeh (his sister) and asks her for help packing.  She arrives at his house and discovers a terrible truth.

Written and Directed by: Shirin Sabour

Starring: Behzad Khalaj and Fatemeh Neyshabori

For Jane Poster

For Jane

A father tries to catch his daughters' secret admirer red handed.

Written and Directed by: Kody Newton

Starring: Jared and Holland Stull

Sock Noir Poster

Sock Noir: The Case of the Missing Twin

Her twin came out of the wash, but not the dry.  Bobbi Sox turns to P.I. Tab Sock to help her find her missing sister.

Written and Directed by: Linda Yordy

Starring: Laura Mason and Easton Lay

Carolers Poster

The Carolers

Two carolers lose focus when the unexpected happens.

Written and Directed by: Lucas Hardy

Starring: Aaron Fielding, Ryan McDonald, and Britney McCarthy

Paper Trails Poster

Paper Trails

Following a rough breakup, Jamie's life is turned around as mysterious notes appear and interfere with attempts to reconcile her feelings.

Written and Directed by: Heather Moser

Written by: Heather Moser and Eleanor Briggs

Starring: Whitney Palmer and Alex Diaz

The Last Trip Poster

The Last Trip

Four friends take a camping trip together before heading off to college. While discussing the possibility of their friendship ending, they commit to always be together. But something is off - can friendship last that long?

Directed by: Kaden Larson

Written by: Garrett Stalworth and Kaden Larson

Starring: Tanner Tait, Mike Buzan, Grey Cox, and Kyle Stailey

Dead Friends Brother Poster

My Dead Friend's Brother

Dean has just lost his brother, Sam. Derek, a friend of the two, tries to show Dean that he has someone to talk to.

Written and Directed by: Levi Gunderson

Starring: Mckeyan Howell and Isaac Gunderson

Task Poster

The Task of Reconstruction

This is a short film about how the mind can reconstruct it's own truth when it's under pressure. Someone ends up dead at a party and the only facts are the memories from the friends of the deceased. But which one is telling the truth.

Directed by: Elizabeth Findley

Written by: Leta Harris Neustaedter

Starring: Dallin Larsen, Mallorie Noel Lamb, Mckay Babb, Sharmaine Mcwhite, and Patrick Grimaldo

The Boy I Left behind Poster

The Boy I Left Behind

A man finds a box from his childhood, and inside it, his childhood fears.

Written and Directed by: Kody Newton

Starring: Aaron Galaviz, Tiego Newton, and Jon A. Ravenholt

Screen Still

Box Kid Adventures Take Flight

A children's film about siblings looking beyond technology and finding fantastic adventure in the mundane.

Written and Directed by: Brandon Griffin

Starring: Jeremy, Austin, Hailey, Macie, and Amy Brown