We are accepting internships for the 2020 season!

Deadline to register is April 1, 2020.

We are currently looking to fill internship positions for:


Graphic Design

Marketing / Social Media

Public Relations / Event Planning

Video Production


Internship Application

Internship Application
Select One
Select One
You must provide samples of your work to be considered for Graphic Design and Video Production positions.
Maximum upload size: 25MB
If you have one, please provide the link to it here.
Please provide the name and contact information for an academic reference (professor or faculty mentor).
Please provide the name and contact information for a professional reference (past/current employer or personal client).
You acknowledge that submission of your application does not guarantee selection and that you may not be offered an interview if we determine that you do not meet the qualifications for the position. You also acknowledge that if selected as an intern, we do not imply or guarantee any kind of employment or continuing relationship after the internship is finished. You acknowledge that we have made you aware of our hiring/volunteer policies in which we do not discriminate against a person's race, color, religion, gender identification, and sexual orientation. You understand that if selected as an intern, you must be eligible to work in the United States and posses a current government-issued picture ID.
Please state which specific terms you take issue against and your rebuttal.