Feature Films

Iron Brothers

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Fur trappers Abel and Henry Iron struggle to make a living in a dying industry in the Rocky Mountains. Following in their late father’s footsteps, they travel the mountains searching for beaver, carving out a meager existence in the western wilderness. When Abel encounters a band of Shoshone Indians, a misunderstanding leaves one indian dead and the Iron Brothers on the run. Together, Abel and Henry flee into the mountains to escape the warriors that are pursuing them. In the end, they will learn if the bond of brotherhood is enough to save them.

Directed by Josh and Tate Smith

Lake's 7 and the Golden Gun

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A security installation tech gets blackmailed into stealing a gold plated video game controller.

Directed by Lucas Millhouse

Black Pool

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"Black Pool" is a gripping thriller about a revenge-fueled, cat-and-mouse game of imprisonment and interrogation. Thirty years ago, Michael’s life was shattered by a shadowy figure he saw for only a fleeting moment. But tonight, through a chance encounter, he believes he’s found the man responsible for ruining his life. And he’s going to make him pay. But does he have the right man? And how far will he go for the truth?

Directed by Dustin Morrow

Chasing Shadows


A group of friends—each at various levels of spirituality—embark
on a mountainous journey to scatter the ashes of a recently deceased friend. But when the spirit of the departed friend apparently visits the group, their faith and relationships are put to the test.

Directed by Mason Stoddard