After suffering tremendous loss in 2020, including the loss of both his parents, Cary Judd became fixated on electric skateboarding as a means of coping with grief. This film follows Cary as he attempts to become the first person to ride around the Iceland Ring Road - 828 miles

Directed by: Drew Garcia


Why We Walk

WHY WE WALK follows the journey of three Black men, from across the globe, united to empower and de-stigmatize urban communities of color and their participation in the great outdoors. After years of city exploration, The Urban Hikers strive to introduce the power of walking to a community that has historically been underrepresented in this space.

Inspired by the story of the revolutionary abolitionist John Brown, The Urban Hikers embark on a life-changing backpacking pilgrimage from Harpers Ferry, West Virginia- the birthplace of the Civil War- to the nation's capital in Washington, DC.

The Appalachian wilderness serves as a stage to address underlying racial identities and cultural differences within the collective. As tensions rise and provisions dwindle, the team must learn to work as one in order to reach their destination — Mile 0.

Directed by: Eric Bishop

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Three Guides

A rhythmic look at three individuals and their passions. A barrel horse racing trainer, wood carver, and houndsman putting time and effort into their passions. They understand the importance of keeping their passions alive by continuing to do them, setting examples, and teaching younger generations so they can continue on with it. They are the guides of what they love to do and encourage younger generations to keep it going.

Directed by: Jean Mendoza

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Kelly is a documentary based on the journey of Kelly Faley, where we experience with her the struggles involving alcohol addiction.

Directed by: Fled Silveira


Be Here Now | A Journey to the Grand Teton

In the Fall of 2021, two best friends attempt to summit the Grand Teton and find themselves on a journey full of setbacks, surprises and new beginnings. "Be Here Now" is a story about adversity, failure, perseverance and picking yourself back up when you get knocked down.

Directed by: Evan McKinley Jenkins


Elemental: Redefining Our Relationship With Wildfire

As fire seasons grow longer, more destructive and more deadly, it is clear that our approach to reducing wildfire risk is failing. This film brings cutting edge science and indigenous knowledge into focus. It forces us, from city dwellers to seasoned fire professionals to rural citizens , to question what we believe and offers a science based way forward to live and thrive with fire.

Directed by: Trip Jennings

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No Visible Trauma

In the midst of a global uprising against police violence and systemic racism, NO VISIBLE TRAUMA examines a deeply troubled police department and reveals the devastating consequences of unchecked police brutality. Despite its relatively low crime rates, recent years have seen the Calgary Police Service shoot and kill more people than officers in any other Canadian city, and more than either the New York or Chicago police departments in 2018. Five years in the making, the film unravels the intertwined stories of three individuals who were the victims of extreme violence at the hands of police officers. From the kidnapping and beating of a young immigrant from Ghana, to the fatal shooting of an unarmed man during a “wellness check”, the film exposes a criminal justice system that fails to hold police officers accountable for their actions.

Directed by: Robinder Uppal and Marc Serpa Francoeur



The generational tradition, the respect for the sea, the fear and the challenge of man’s adventure, the survival to eat and trade. Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed. The ports of small towns, just like the one in Fano, are different. They have changed, over the years. Deeply changed. Yet, their richness hasn’t changed. They are rich in mankind, so varied and bursting, noisy and tireless. Multiethnic: north African people, Ceylonese people, Indians, Egyptians. It’s wrong to claim that something, once change occurs, should be considered “dead”.

Traditions won’t perish as long as we hear those raucous voices, that peculiar expression, the accent of those “oldies” we’ve grown up with and who are still working with the same courageous old-time determination. And in spite of everything.

Directed by: Andrea Lodovichetti

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Evidence Of Us

This film looks at how people can recreate responsibly in the national parks and monuments by practicing Leave No Trace principles; emphasizes how reusable water bottles, mugs, and reusable bags fit into Leave No Trace ethics. Additionally, it looks at how systemic issues can help to protect national parks and monuments for future generations through legislative measures to ban the sale of bottled water and reduce single-use disposals throughout the National Park Service.

Directed by: James 'Q' Martin

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