Film Scoring Workshop Coming To Festival

Grand Teton Film Festival adds music workshop with composer Jordan Roper to educational series.

REXBURG, IDAHO– Jordan Roper is a film composer who works with directors around the world. His melodic, memorable film scores appear in dozens of feature films, short films and marketing campaigns. He looks forward to bringing insights and knowledge to eager musicians who attend his film scoring workshop at the Grand Teton Film Festival in Rexburg next summer.

Roper focuses his work on inner conflicts, character experiences, and feelings instead of just the external conflicts and visuals of films. His unique style has garnered multiple commissions from notable organizations such as the Cheyenne Wyoming Symphony and the Reno Nevada Philharmonic.

As an experienced conductor and orchestrator, Roper has worked with the Seattle Studio Musicians and has published works performed by the BYU-Idaho Women’s Choir and Percussion Symphony. His Master of Music in Film Composition from Pacific Northwest University’s film scoring program gave him the opportunity to work closely with the film composer and two-time Emmy™ award winner, Hummie Mann.

Roper is also orchestrating an original composition as the overture for the Grand Teton Film Festival which will be debuted with a full orchestra at the Award Ceremony on June 1, 2019.

Film scoring is often an under-served or neglected filmmaking element at most film festivals. Music is what drives emotions, builds suspense, and connects us to the characters. We are excited to emphasize this important component of films with Roper’s experience and creativity.